Thursday 30th of March 2017

The Chinese say "lucky girl", but we say "lucky parents".

Yuye was born in an ancient farming town in the heart of China, a town famous as it was the seat of power of the first emperors. Yuye was loved by her birth mother, loved enough to be left in the safest of places: the hospital where she was born. The name "Yuye" means "Jade Leaf", and the colloquial meaning is "baby taken into a precious family".

That very day, our papers were received at the China Adoption Center. Three months later Kay's adoption papers were also sent to that same office. While we waited in USA for the referral, Yuye also waited for loving arms to hold her and claim her as their own precious baby. So much love needed, and on the other side of the world so much love to give. We all waited one year, and when the translator told us in the taxi that we would meet our Jade Leaf in less than a few minutes, we were filled with excitement, wonder, reverence, and a sense of awe, far greater than gazing at the stars of the heavens.

When we entered the hotel lobby, there she was, in the arms of an orphanage nurse, not knowing that her life needed to be, and would be instantly and dramatically changed forever. She started experiencing things that she never had before: an array of smells and foods, taxis, hotels, stores, new clothes every day, baths in the sink, cookies, foreign language, four warm arms that had the time to hold her, four eyes that would not lose contact with her, two big brothers, and a family of her very own.

Kay Yuye is now almost two and a half years old. She knows that she was born in China. Her favorite book is the photo album of our trip. She wants to go to see The Great Wall. She is healthy, happy, always enthusiastic about everything. She loves to play with her little friends. Her mother teaches her to say "please" and "thankyou". She loves to listen to the Donut Man's songs. Her favorite doll is Peter Rabbit. She loves to feed peanuts to the big bear at the zoo. And so we look at Kay and see a normal special little girl whom God brought to us in such a wondrous way.

We could have lived without her, but Yuye could have never truly lived without us.
The Chinese say "lucky girl", but we say "lucky parents".

Written by David and Barbara Barwell

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