Thursday 27th of April 2017

Wuhu Diary: On Taking My Adopted Daughter Back to Her Hometown in China

By Emily Prager

ISBN: 0375503498

Review by: Lisa E.


The author, a writer and columnist in New York, returns to the southern Chinese city from which she adopted her 5 year old daughter, LuLu. Written in diary form, the book illustrates LuLu's (and her mother's) efforts to come to terms with her adoption, her abandonment, and their 2 month integration into the city of Wuhu. Their visit took place during and after the US bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Bosnia, adding another layer of anxiety to their visit-how will the citizens of Wuhu treat LuLu and her mom in the aftermath of the bombing? Will they be allowed to visit the SWI where LuLu spent her first months? Will LuLu be reunited with her nanny, who she remembers with affection? "Wuhu Diary" is a slight but worthy addition to the growing canon of books about Chinese adoption; it is a quick and well-written read, though I wish the book contained more about Lulu and less about Ms. Prager. I also wondered-is five too young an age for a return trip to China? These quibbles aside, the letter the author wrote to LuLu's bio parents as part of a pre-adoption exercise will win your heart.

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