Thursday 27th of April 2017

We Call It “Ladybug Love”


I love being an adoptive mom. I love being adopted. And I really loved teaming up with adoption pro Kat LaMons to write our first book together: Ladybug Love: 100 Chinese Adoption Match Day Stories.


The book is a real-life peek into the Match Day experiences of 100 U.S. families (and a few adoption insiders) who braved the challenges of international adoption – crushing paperwork, dueling bureaucracies and seemingly endless waiting – and reaped the rewards of faith and persistence. Each story is different, but the payoff is the same: a snapshot of that life-altering moment when parents see their child for the very first time.


Currently, I blog about the experience of being an adoptive person and adoptive parent at www.trishdiggins.com. I’m also on the board of my local Families with Children from China and have been published in “Adoption Today” magazine.


Kat has almost two decades of experience in the adoption arena. In addition to her direct work with adoptive families, she shepherded a cultural school for adoptees for several years, and has been a columnist in “Adoption Today” magazine. Kat blogs on adoption and parenting issues at www.katlamons.com.


Ladybug Love is published by Marcinson Press and is available through Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/ladybuglovebook. We’d love it if you’d look us up on Facebook under the book’s title.


cover photo

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