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Charities that support the welfare of Children in China.

Message from the Board of Families with Children from China of Greater New York

Monday, September 24, 2001

We are not at this time aware of individual FCCNY families that are in need or were victims themselves of the disaster. We have therefore decided that the most appropriate action for our organization is to assist other children and families that are in urgent need of assistance. We have chosen the Children's Aid Society as the most appropriate and reliable of the many groups taking contributions.

In an endeavor to assist victims of last week's destruction of the World Trade Center, the Greater New York chapter of Families with Children from China is making a donation of $8,000 from our general funds to the Children's Aid Society. The Children's Aid Society is a voluntary, nonsectarian agency that provides a broad spectrum of health, education, recreation, and emergency services to New York City's neediest children and families. FCCNY believes they are well suited to provide emergency assistance during this time of crisis as well as longer-term programs in the areas of mental health as children try to cope with the emotional impact of this calamity. We have had many requests within the FCC family asking how individuals and other chapters can contribute. Any of you who would like to add to this donation with an individual contribution are welcome to do so. Checks should be made payable to the Children's Aid Society- 9/11 Neediest Cases Fund. Please indicate on the check or in a note if you'd like your contribution to be acknowledged as coming from the FCC community. Send checks to:
Children's Aid Society
9-11 Neediest Cases Fund
105 East 22nd Street
New York, New York 10010
(We will also be collecting checks at the upcoming Autumn Moon Festival.)
You can learn more about the Society through its website www.childrensaidsociety or by phoning 212-949-4936.

Families with Children from China of Greater NY http://www.fccny.org/


Friday, September 14, 2001

Dear Friends and Families of FCCNY,

This has been a heartbreaking and unimaginable week for all of us. On behalf of the FCCNY Board and our adoptive community, I want to express our sorrow and deepest ongoing concern for everyone who has been touched by this tragedy. Our hearts and prayers go out especially to the friends and families who may be going through great distress this week.

Today, we are just starting to try to get back to our normal lives, and it will take time to sort out what has been lost. Of course, for all of us adoptive families, our amazing children and the love of our families help to remind us and refocus on that which is most important in our lives. The generosity and courage that we have witnessed throughout the city this week - and all across the United States - has been as inspiring and moving as anything I have ever seen. In my own experience, as an employee of Morgan Stanley, which had several thousand people in the World Trade Center, it has been a wrenching week of heartache, heroism, and reaffirmation. I want to thank all of you in our community who have already reached out to help through the FCC listserve and other channels -- with information of all kinds, with suggestions on speaking to our children about this tragedy, with offers of help and housing for displaced families, with efforts to help find missing friends and relatives, and with your concern and prayers. We have truly responded as acommunity.

We have begun to receive messages of love and support from our sister FCC groups around the country. We will post these on the FCC list serve and on our web site as they arrive. Already we have had wonderful messages from San Francisco, Atlanta, Connecticut/Rhode Island, and Southern California.

I am very anxious that we may soon learn of losses within the FCCNY family. If and when we learn of such sad news, we will share it with you. The nationwide FCC family has already been touched by tragedy. We received word that an FCC father from Illinois, Jeff Mladenik (husband to Sue, father to Grace from China, waiting for a second referral, as well as father to several older children), was one of those killed when Flight 11 crashed into the World Trade Center on Tuesday. If you wish to be in touch with the family, you may send messages to the church where Jeff was pastor:
Christ Church of Oak Brook,
31st and York Rd,
Oak Brook, IL 60523

FCC has received a number of messages asking if people can make contributions at this time. We are currently discussing the idea of setting up a special fund and will advise all of you shortly. For the moment, our task is to help each other with the very difficult healing ahead. We should all pray that our national leaders will find a response and a road ahead that leads to peace and not further violence and anguish around the world.

Thank you and heartfelt wishes,

David Youtz, President, on Behalf of the Board of FCC of Greater New York

FCC National Appeal: Helping Children in more than 90 orphanages

Families with Children from China (FCC) is committed to fulfilling the promise made by so many adoptive families—to never forget the children in China who may never be adopted.

Today, FCC programs play a vital, day-to-day role in the lives of orphanage children across China, from surgeries that save lives, to schooling that empowers minds. . . from playgrounds and libraries, to Grandmas and foster care.

FCC programs are implemented by our partners in China who are committed to the care of orphanage children. Our financial support comes from adoptive families and friends around the world— including more than 30 local FCCs. Our programs have helped children in more than 90 orphanages.

Because FCC sends 100% of the funds raised to China, every dollar makes a difference. Every contribution is a gift from the heart to children none of us may ever meet, but all of us know very well. . . children who have lost their families. . . children who call the orphanage their home.

FCC is able to help so many children in so many orphanages so cost-effectively by partnering closely with institutions in China. FCC programs are implemented primarily with the Amity Foundation, a widely respected nongovernmental organization based in Nanjing, and through the Foundation for Chinese Orphanages, which works with Adoption Affairs Offices in provinces where FCC projects are underway.

Every Dollar Counts

FCC sends 100% of each dollar it receives to China. The programs we support have helped thousands of children in more than 90 orphanages in 16 provinces

$100 supports a child in school for a full year
$250 supports a Grandma for six months
$300-$450 supports a child in foster care for a full year
$500+ pays for a cleft palate repair or other surgery

FCC friends and families, through local FCCs around the world, support the FCC National Appeal. You can too.

Click on the letter and donation card below and send in your contribution today.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader (which reads PDF files), you can download it for free from http://adobe.com.

Click here to download the 2004 Appeal Letter PDF File to read about this appeal.

Click here to download the 2004 Brochure PDF File for additional information about this appeal.

Click here to download the 2004 Reply PDF File, to send in with your contribution.

To learn more, e-mail the FCC National Appeal at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To send your contribution or get more information, write:
FCC National Appeal
P.O. Box 613
Norfolk, CT 06058

Charitable Initiatives Benefiting Orphanges in China

FCC National Appeal, Serving 82 orphanages so far ...

FCC/NY and FCC/New England have independently organized two separate charitable initiatives to aid children in Chinese orphangages. These two initiatives both support worthy and achievable goals. Both of them are presented here. This is a way to help the many children who remain in the orphanages in China. The details of each program are on the pages below:

Friends of Children in China. F.C.C. New York

National Foundation for Chinese Orphanages. F.C.C. New England

Families with Children From China Charitable Fund FCC Toronto, CANADACanadians with an interest in making charitable contributions to orphanages in China will be interested to know of the existence of the Families with Children from China Charitable Fund, which was established in November 1999. This Canadian-based charity is registered with Revenue Canada (under the number 88537 2243 RR0001) and is eligible to issue tax receipts for Canadian tax purposes. The charitable fund currently shares a web site with FCC Toronto, which can be viewed at www.fcctoronto.org

Adoption International, Mission-China (AIM-China)AIM-China is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to enriching the lives of the children in China's orphanages. With cooperation from orphanage staff members and officials in China, AIM-China works to support organization such as Altrusa/Amity and Half The Sky in improving children’s lives, as well as working on independent special projects as needed. Currently AIM-China is working on a special project to provide toys, clothing, nur- turing and medical assistance to a group of 20 Hepatitis B+ toddlers and preschoolers in Nanchang Social Welfare Institute. AIM-China's goals are to bring not only medical aid and the basic necessities of life to the orphanages, but to help provide education, fos- ter care, Hugging Grannies, books and learning materials, and toys. We seek both individual and corporate support ... for the children. If you are interested in learning more about AIM-China or in being part of our efforts, go to: http://www.aimchina.org .

Alliance For Children Foundation: The AFC Foundation is a nonprofit international relief organization devoted to alleviating the suffering of children who are abandoned or orphaned, living in orphanages around the world. The Foundation’s goal is to provide these children with the nutrition, shelter, medical care, and enrichment they need to become healthy and eligible for adoption. We have many completed and current orphanage projects in China described in detail - with photos, receipts, and other documentation - listed on our site. at: http://www.afcfoundation.org.

Angel Covers - is a non-profit organization that raises funds for orphanages worldwide. Funds are raised through the sale of squeaky shoes and fleece blankets. 100% of profits are used to support orphanages. For each blanket that is purchased and additional blanket is sent to an orphanage. Website: http://www.angelcovers.org

Assisting Jiangxi Orphanages There are still so many children in the orphanages without a family of their own, the Nanchang orphanage alone is responsible for about 580 homeless children. Your donation can help provide loving foster homes for some of these children so they can thrive. And for those not in foster homes your donation can support "Hugging Grannies" who go into the orphanages and give some extra attention to the children. Donations also help with schooling, vocational training, medical assistance and needed supplies. These projects are overseen by the Amity Foundation in China so the quality of care is excellent and you can be assured that your tax deductible donation is spent as intended. Website: http://www.altrusa.ws

Baobei Foundation Our Mission Baobei's mission is to improve the lives of orphaned Chinese babies with neurological and gastro-intestinal (N&GI) disorders by providing critical surgery and post-operative care through Shanghai Children's Medical Center (SCMC), the best children's hospital in China, who has the strongest neurosurgery and GI surgery teams. Our Vision That every orphaned Chinese baby in need of Neurological or Gastro-Intestinal surgery can receive it from highly-skilled doctors in modern facilities, while also being treated with love, dignity and compassion. Our Core Values - Every baby deserves the chance of survival and the chance to heal and grow in a caring environment - It is the duty of China's expatriates to give back to their host country - The passionate and skilled surgeons at Shanghai Children's Medical Center deserve to have their amazing work aiding Chinese orphans facilitated and promoted. How We Achieve Our Goals * We receive funding through personal and corporate donations from within Shanghai, but also from Baobei volunteers' friends and families and corporations based outside of China * We provide surgeries and post-operative care for orphaned Chinese babies with critical needs, primarily N&GI disorders * We support International medical professionals in providing surgeries at Shanghai Children's Medical Centre (SCMC) * We encourage Chinese and American medical collaboration at SCMC * We support Chinese orphanages in increasing their collaboration with Baobei and in providing improved care for the returning babies * We provide volunteer support for the babies and their care givers pre- and post-operatively. Website: http://www.baobeifoundation.org/

Care for Children is a registered charity working in partnership with national and local governments in China to introduce fostercare and other strategic initiatives to relieve hardship, distress and sickness and to enrich the lives of orphans and other needy children.

Caring For China's Children is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit corporation. Families can sponsor a child in one of their facilities for between $17- $170 per month, and they receive photo and updates of the child. This organization runs 3 facilities in China catering to orphan children and is called Child Development Center or CDP. They have about 55 children in their care in each facility. Their staff is made up of long term professional volunteers such as pediatric nurses, physical therapists, early childhood teachers etc. and one pediatrician and paid trained Chinese care givers. Hanzhong, Shaanxi, runs its own orphanage facility there XianYang, Shaanxi Xian. Shaanxi The above two orphanages have attached facility which is run by CDP Also child care training facility in the old Xian orphanage for training orphanage staff. Web site http://www.CaringForChina.org

Blankets for Babies Karen Bradley, mother of two Chinese daughters, has in the past two years made more than 1,400 beautiful blankets for Chinese children in orphanages. Her loving efforts have inspired CCAI and the China Center of Adoption Affairs to join hands once again to initiate a “Blankets for Babies” project. The project goal is to produce a total of 1,000 blankets through adoptive families’ participation before June 1, 2007, Children’s Day in China. The CCAA will help by selecting orphanages in need and distributing the blankets. We invite all of you to be a part of this beautiful project by making your own blankets or a donation to help with shipping. For questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Click here for Blankets Guidelines.

The China Parents Committee is a 501(c)3 charity consisting of volunteers who have adopted from China through the Connecticut based Family & Children's Agency. The committee's mission is to help improve the lives of Chinese orphans, and help our children learn about and appreciate their rich Chinese heritage. Since 2001, the China Parents Committee has donated thousands of dollars to Chinese orphanages through fundraisers and cultural events. Visit our website - www.fcachinaparents.org - to register for our next event, or to purchase a special Chinese Charm Bracelet or Noodles & Chopsticks Cookbook! 100% of the profits of our fundraisers are given back to Chinese orphans.

The Education Advancement Fund International is an international non-profit organization that assists in: education exchange, cultural understanding, global education reform, and gender equity in rural China. EAFI's mission is to empower students from the poorest provinces of China; By providing them with experiences that build character, judgment and self sufficiency, By providing educational tools and mentors, to help them to overcome financial barriers and to respect the cultures of other nations. By doing so, EAFI endeavors to influence the future of the men and women of our global community and achieve world peace and understanding. Website: http://www.yifei.org/Newsite/mission.htm

The Foundation for Meg's Sisters is a non-profit organization whose mission is to: (a) help both single-parent and two-parent families to finance the adoption of girls from China; (b) support families with children from China; and (c) help educate communities about the contributions of Chinese Americans. As a fundraiser, the Foundation is preparing to publish a book of poetry written by adoptive parents of Chinese children.To submit poetry for possible publication in this book, please mail your poem(s) (maximum length: 30 lines) to: Foundation for Meg's Sisters, PO Box 3252, York, PA 17402. Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for return of manuscripts. Deadline for submission of entries is November 30, 2001.

Fujian Kids. FujianKids provides assistance to orphanage children in Fujian Province. Our programs include foster care, educational assistance, medical interventions, and providing orphanages with materials and equipment that improve the living conditions of orphanage children. We also help provide nursers for cleft-affected babies in orphanages throughout China. The website is http://www.fujiankids.org.

The Good Rock Foundation The Good Rock Foundation was founded in the U.K. in 1997 when the founder Jacqui Shurr & her husband adopted their daughter Abigail from China's Xinjiang province. Abigails Chinese name 'Yan' means Rock & her birthday was Good Friday. The Good Rock Foundation began with one child, Abigail remains Jacqui's inspiration today to reach the children in China's orphanages, to make a difference ...... one child at a time. Projects include foster care, therapy centres, specialist medical care, improving nutrition and other conditions in orphanages. Website: http://www.goodrock.org.uk/.

Great Wall Charity Missions (http://www.gwcadopt.org/charity_missions.htm) Great Wall China Adoption proudly supports three charity mission projects directly benefiting the children in China who have yet to find their Forever Family. Libraries of Love builds libraries in Chinese orphanages and fills them with books, computers, and other educational tools. Angel Stitches pays for children to receive needed surgeries that might otherwise go uncorrected due to the orphanages having limited resources. Gifts of Love provides a way for Great Wall parents, as well as non-Great Wall parents, to donate gifts to the Chinese orphanages that cared for their children. Through this program, parents, friends, family members or co-workers can donate to help support a specific orphanage by donating funds to purchase needed items to improve the orphanages and enhance the lives of the children left behind.

Grace & Hope for Children (GHC) is dedicated to advancing the care of China's orphaned and abandoned children. Created by Xiao Xiao in China and adoptive families in the United States, we are committed to the glorification of God in China through the care of these precious children. The majority of orphaned and abandoned children will never be adopted internationally. For this reason we have joined together to advance the care of these children. Website: http://www.grace-hope.org

The Grace Children's Foundation. There are an estimated one million orphans in China, nearly all of them girls. The vast majority will never be adopted. The Grace Children's Foundation seeks ways to improve the lives of these children who remain in orphanages until their teen years. The need for clothing and medical assistance is pressing, and without family and formal education, these children always will be relegated to the periphery of society.

Half the Sky Foundation Founded in 1998 by adoptive parents of orphaned Chinese girls, Half the Sky Foundation’s purpose is to enrich the lives and enhance the outcome of institutionalized children in China – those who still wait to be adopted and those who will spend their childhoods in orphanages. We establish and operate infant nurture and preschool programs, provide personalized learning for older children, and offer loving permanent family care, medical care and guidance for children with disabilities. Working in partnership with China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, Half the Sky has served 35,000 children and is working to bring our programs to every orphaned child – because every child, no matter how humble her beginnings – deserves a chance at a bright future. Half the Sky’s administrative offices are in Beijing and our fundraising offices are the US, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Heartland Medical Express is a non-profit organization that provides much needed medical assistance to children in Chinese orphanages in order to improve their quality of life and increase their chances for adoption (www.heartlandmedical.org) Many of the children we identify as in need of medical intervention will be served in China with Heartland's financial assistance. Others will be brought to the United States for specialized treatment. In September, 2002, we will be bringing a group of five children with histories of serious burns to the midwest for surgeries at Shriner's Hospital. Each child will be staying with a host family for up to a year while they recover from their surgeries and for follow-up care. In an ongoing effort to help these and other children, Heartland Medical Express is hosting a silent auction fundraiser on October 19th in Indianapolis, Indiana. In order to make this event a success, we are seeking donations of items from FCC families and groups across the United States. No donation is to big or too small! We are particularly interested in bed & breakfast/vacation packages, gift items and products that represent your state. (The Raleigh, North Carolina, FCC group is putting together a wonderful gift basket of local products!) Perhaps you would like to make a donation in honor of the daughter you adopted from China. Or perhaps your FCC group or orphanage group would like to get together and make a gift basket or contribute a larger item representing your state. And if you own a business, we hope that you will consider making a donation of one of your products. We will be happy to provide you with advertisement and display any advertising information that you would like to provide next to your donated item. For more information, please contact Charlotte Ottinger at 317-375-9399 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Donations may be sent to Heartland Medical Express 1075 Broadripple Avenue, PMB 292, Indianapolis, IN 46219. Thank you!

Hearts Towards China We are in the process of raising $60,000 to help renovate a orphanage in the Hunan province of China. We are calling this project, Hearts Toward China. Led by volunteers, our goal is to install a heating and flooring system, build a playroom that will include toys and walkers and more. The orphanage houses abandoned seniors, children with special needs and healthy children. The children with special needs will likely spend the rest of their lives at the orphanage. The renovations are urgently needed and vastly improve the quality of life. See our project website at: http://www.adoptionassociates.net/international/china/htc/

Homeland Children's Foundation, Inc.is a not for profit, 501 (c)3 organization begun in 2000 by a group of U.S. adoptive parents and their Chinese associates, working together to bring aid and education to children who will remain in China's orphanages throughout their childhood years. Homeland Children's Foundation is focused on the needs of older children, who will not be adopted. In programs throughout Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces, children are provided with tuition, educational support, extracurricular activities, art programs, and a social program designed to improve their self esteem.They receive support and skills that will help them transition to life outside the orphanages. Homeland Children's Foundation is publicly funded. A translation service is available from which all donations fund orphanage projects. Recent recipients of aid have been children in Nanjing, Changzhou, Yangzhou, Gaoyou, Gaochun, Lianyungang, Yixing, Hefei, Chuzhou, and Feidong.
Homeland Children's Foundation, Inc.
121 New York Avenue
Congers, NY 10920
Phone: (845) 268-0222
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. website: http://hometown.aol.com/homelandchina/index.html

Holt International has a sponsorship program and several past/present apc and pac subscribers have shared their joy when they learned the child they were sponsoring had been given a forever family. Check out their web page at: http://www.holtintl.org/ Holt International Children's Services P.O. Box 2880 (1195 City View) Eugene, Oregon 97402, USA Phone: (541) 687-2202 Fax: (541) 683-6175

Jolie Foundation . This Foundation was established last year by Mr. and Mrs. James Hess to provide medical and surgical services to infants and young children in orphanages throughout China hopefully giving them a better chance of being adopted in the future. Last year, in approximately a 6 month period, we earned funds to help 26 orphans with medical problems. We are trying to spread word about the Foundation and generate financial interests from others who have actually seen the types of conditions we are speaking about. You can check us out on the web at www.joliefoundation.org.

Love Without Boundaries is a registered 501(c)(3) charity that provides humanitarian aid to orphans in China in three main areas: medical care (including life changing surgeries, sending US medical teams to China, and setting up special needs therapy rooms), education (both primary school and college), and improved nutrition programs for infants and toddlers. 100% of our donations go to impact children's lives, many in orphanages that don't do international adoptions. All of our members are volunteers and adoptive parents. Our foundation also coordinates the purchasing of supplies for orphanage groups who wish to give back. We are currently working in five provinces in China. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com

Mother's Bridge of Love is based in London, UK. We are reaching out to Chinese children in all corners of the world; those who have been raised abroad, those who have been adopted by Western families, and those living in China, often in destitute conditions. MBL is striving to introduce an authentic China to the West and disseminate information about adopted Chinese children's lives, and the lives of overseas Chinese in the West to people in China. Through this bridge both cultures will be better able to understand one another. As a result of the growing number of adoptions of Chinese children and globalization's publication of such issues, more and more people in the West are becoming aware of the extreme poverty in which Chinese children live. They, and we, feel that it is part of our responsibility to help the children still living in these conditions, and MBL is trying to provide a forum to facilitate this work. Currently, the Mother's Bridge of Love is divided into three main sections which facilitate our goals. The head office is located in London and from here we coordinate the activities of the other offices and all the events sponsored by MBL. MBL's cultural center is located in Beijing, and from there our web site, journal and the retail of cultural items and books are facilitated. MBL is also in the process of setting up an events office in Nanjing which will include an Art and Music center where children can learn about that particular aspect of Chinese culture. We are also organizing a family exchange program where adopted Chinese children can stay with real Chinese families for a few weeks at a time. This will expose them to the daily lives of their peers in China. MBL is also coordinating a travel assistance program out of Nanjing. This will allow Chinese children who have grown up abroad and their parents to become more familiar with the real China, the countryside, where most of the adopted children were born, and not just tourist sites and big cities. We are also in the process of expanding and plan to open offices in Shanghai, Australia, and the United States. Thank you for taking the time to learn about MBL. Please visit our web site at www.motherbridge.org and feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Packages of Hope, Inc. - is a nonprofit organization providing hope to children in orphanages around the world. The organization was started by Sarah Lynn Woodard, author of "Daughter from Afar," who wanted to get communities actively involved in helping children in other countries. Examples include US students sewing quilts for children in China, church groups collecting backpacks and supplies, etc. This is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization where volunteers and donors can experience the gratification of knowing their direct efforts have made a difference in the life of a child. Website: http://www.packagesofhope.org/.

The Red Thread is a 501(3)(c) volunteer-based organization dedicated to improving the lives of China's orphans, particularly older and special needs children. We identify special needs orphans in China and bring them to the states where they are provided much needed medical assistance. We raise funds for our projects through the sale of gourmet gift baskets and handcrafted products designed by artisans who support our work. We also improve the lives of orphans by collecting handmade blankets and scarves, which are sent to orphanges throughout the world. Check out our beautiful selection of gifts and the many ways you can support our mission to improve the lives of China's orphans. Our web address is www.the-red-thread.org.

Shoes for Orphan Souls Shoes for Orphan Souls has distributed more than 700,000 pairs of shoes to orphans around the world since 1999. While our program has certainly made a difference in many children’s lives, there are millions of children we can still reach—all through a pair of shoes. Let a child know that they have not been forgotten. How and where are the shoes delivered? The shoes are delivered via ship containers under the control of Buckner employees who work overseas. We also partner with other humanitarian relief organizations to deliver shoes to orphanages in more than 25 countries. Shoes from the 2002 shoe drive were delivered to Belarus, Belize, China, Croatia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Georgia, Haiti, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Latvia, Mexico, Moldova, Peru, Romania, Russia, United States and the Ukraine.

Starfish Children's Services A foundation operating in Xian, China, Starfish works with two orphanages in Shaanxi province and takes medically fragile babies into the foster home. We provide nutrition and medical care to the newborns and infants and then when they are strong enough we arrange life saving surgeries. Due to the demand for a cleft lip and palate care, Starfish has recently added a foster home for just cleft babies. Starfish also prepares adoption dossiers and as a result does international adoptions under the direction of the CCAA. We are working on arranging medical missions to Xian and are currently in negotiations with the Red Cross and three medical teams. Websites: www.thestarfishfosterhome.org http://chinesestarfish.blogspot.com http://chinesestarfishcleft.blogspot.com email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) is a non-profit agency that's been working in China since 1991. WACAP's Luoyang Scholarship program provides funding to Chinese children with physical disabilities, allowing many of them to receive rehabilitation and special education for the first time. The children in the program come from desperately poor families in the Henan Province, one of the most densely populated and poorest provinces in China. Scholarship recipients receive rehabilitation services and special education free of charge-giving them opportunities they otherwise would not have. The Luoyang Scholarship Program supports the "Sino-American WACAP Children Center of Luoyang," where specially trained therapists and education specialists provide the children with rehabilitation and educational services. WACAP also works in cooperation with other cities in Henan Province to sponsor individual children to receive physical and occupational therapy. For more information visit WACAP's Website at http://www.wacap.org/China-helpingchildren.asp or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Friends of Children in China

Families with Children from China, Greater New York

For additional information and to make a donation see the website at: http://www.FCCNY.org/oaa.asp

In China today, tens of thousands of abandoned infants and young children, primarily girls and the disabled, live in orphanages. Despite the extraordinary efforts of their caregivers, many are at great risk for malnutrition, illness, and failure to thrive. This appeal is your invitation to help.

FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN FROM CHINA, INC. in New York ("FCC") is pleased to announce that it will be working with the China-based Amity Foundation, an experienced and respected humanitarian organization that's been working in orphanages for ten years, providing a range of services for orphaned children. Our financial support will help to ensure that many infants and children in Chinese orphanages will receive basic care, health services, and educational benefits.

Through Amity's coordination, there is a lot we can do for these children: We can provide baby clothes and formula; sponsor personnel to train orphanage staff and give attention and hugs to toddlers; cover the cost of having physicians evaluate handicapped orphaned children; and pay for corrective surgeries. And as children grow, our financial support can pay for school fees, learning materials, and job training.

The Amity Foundation

Amity is "perhaps the most active indigenous development NGO (non-governmental organization) in China." --from a report by The Ford Foundation

Based in Nanjing, the Amity Foundation is an independent, non-governmental organization that works with the official recognition of the Chinese government. Amity got its start in 1985 when leaders of China's Christian churches and other reformers organized to improve the lives of China's neediest. Amity's first programs for orphaned children included the sponsorship of a rehabilitation unit for disabled children at Nanjing Children's Welfare Institute in 1988. Also in Nanjing, Amity launched its Grandmother Program in which retired physicians and nurses are sponsored to work in orphanages. Amity Grandmas now work in close to a dozen orphanages. Last year, Amity sponsored a young woman named Yang Hong Xia, who grew up in Gaochun Social Welfare Center, to attend a vocational college. With our support, perhaps many more young women and men can attend college and receive special technical training.

While Amity benefits from the support of China's Christian community, its social service programs are expressly and exclusively humanitarian. Besides working with orphans, Amity assists families by providing health services, training medical personnel (close to 1,000 a year), and responding to natural disasters and emergencies. Victims of polio (many of them children), blindness, and other disabilities are assisted through rehabilitation and surgeries. Amity education projects keep many young children in school, and its empowerment programs for women have brought job skills and health care to thousands of women.

Monies raised through Families with Children from China would be used specifically for Amity's orphanage programs. To cover its operating costs, Amity retains five percent of all donations. None of the contributions raised by FCC for Amity will be used for religious purposes.

How You Can Help

One-hundred percent of your donation will be forwarded to Amity to further their work in orphanages. Some examples of how your gifts will be used include:

  • $20 provides one child with supplemental nutrition, clothing, and basic necessities for one month.
  • $50 pays for a semester's worth of schooling for an orphaned child, who otherwise might miss out on early education.
  • $100 provides a yearly stipend to an Amity "Grandma" who goes into the orphanages, holds and feeds the babies, plays with toddlers, and trains orphanage staff.
  • $350 provides a waiting toddler with cleft-palate surgery.

For additional information and to make a donation see the website at: http://www.FCCNY.org/oaa.asp

Your support can make a difference. To receive more information or to receive a fund-raising brochure, please email Connie Clemmons at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Aileen Koger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Families with Children from China

Families with Children from China is a not-for-profit, volunteer-driven organization of families who have adopted children from China. FCC provides information to prospective adoptive parents and supports those in the adoption process. Through a variety of social activities and educational programs, we aim to enrich our experiences as multi-cultural, multi-racial, adoptive families. FCC seeks to promote the health and well-being of children remaining in orphanages in China by publicizing information about orphanage-assistance programs and by raising funds for them.

The Greater New York chapter of Families with Children from China has over 1,200 members, with an active group of volunteers working on our Charitable Initiatives Committee. Other committees include Chinese Culture, Parent Programs, and Adoption Information. Volunteers also produce FCC's quarterly newsletter.

FCC-NY gratefully acknowldges the Equitable Foundation for donated services that designed, produced, and printed our fundraising brochure.

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