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Message from the Board of Families with Children from China of Greater New York

Monday, September 24, 2001

We are not at this time aware of individual FCCNY families that are in need or were victims themselves of the disaster. We have therefore decided that the most appropriate action for our organization is to assist other children and families that are in urgent need of assistance. We have chosen the Children's Aid Society as the most appropriate and reliable of the many groups taking contributions.

In an endeavor to assist victims of last week's destruction of the World Trade Center, the Greater New York chapter of Families with Children from China is making a donation of $8,000 from our general funds to the Children's Aid Society. The Children's Aid Society is a voluntary, nonsectarian agency that provides a broad spectrum of health, education, recreation, and emergency services to New York City's neediest children and families. FCCNY believes they are well suited to provide emergency assistance during this time of crisis as well as longer-term programs in the areas of mental health as children try to cope with the emotional impact of this calamity. We have had many requests within the FCC family asking how individuals and other chapters can contribute. Any of you who would like to add to this donation with an individual contribution are welcome to do so. Checks should be made payable to the Children's Aid Society- 9/11 Neediest Cases Fund. Please indicate on the check or in a note if you'd like your contribution to be acknowledged as coming from the FCC community. Send checks to:
Children's Aid Society
9-11 Neediest Cases Fund
105 East 22nd Street
New York, New York 10010
(We will also be collecting checks at the upcoming Autumn Moon Festival.)
You can learn more about the Society through its website www.childrensaidsociety or by phoning 212-949-4936.

Families with Children from China of Greater NY http://www.fccny.org/


Friday, September 14, 2001

Dear Friends and Families of FCCNY,

This has been a heartbreaking and unimaginable week for all of us. On behalf of the FCCNY Board and our adoptive community, I want to express our sorrow and deepest ongoing concern for everyone who has been touched by this tragedy. Our hearts and prayers go out especially to the friends and families who may be going through great distress this week.

Today, we are just starting to try to get back to our normal lives, and it will take time to sort out what has been lost. Of course, for all of us adoptive families, our amazing children and the love of our families help to remind us and refocus on that which is most important in our lives. The generosity and courage that we have witnessed throughout the city this week - and all across the United States - has been as inspiring and moving as anything I have ever seen. In my own experience, as an employee of Morgan Stanley, which had several thousand people in the World Trade Center, it has been a wrenching week of heartache, heroism, and reaffirmation. I want to thank all of you in our community who have already reached out to help through the FCC listserve and other channels -- with information of all kinds, with suggestions on speaking to our children about this tragedy, with offers of help and housing for displaced families, with efforts to help find missing friends and relatives, and with your concern and prayers. We have truly responded as acommunity.

We have begun to receive messages of love and support from our sister FCC groups around the country. We will post these on the FCC list serve and on our web site as they arrive. Already we have had wonderful messages from San Francisco, Atlanta, Connecticut/Rhode Island, and Southern California.

I am very anxious that we may soon learn of losses within the FCCNY family. If and when we learn of such sad news, we will share it with you. The nationwide FCC family has already been touched by tragedy. We received word that an FCC father from Illinois, Jeff Mladenik (husband to Sue, father to Grace from China, waiting for a second referral, as well as father to several older children), was one of those killed when Flight 11 crashed into the World Trade Center on Tuesday. If you wish to be in touch with the family, you may send messages to the church where Jeff was pastor:
Christ Church of Oak Brook,
31st and York Rd,
Oak Brook, IL 60523

FCC has received a number of messages asking if people can make contributions at this time. We are currently discussing the idea of setting up a special fund and will advise all of you shortly. For the moment, our task is to help each other with the very difficult healing ahead. We should all pray that our national leaders will find a response and a road ahead that leads to peace and not further violence and anguish around the world.

Thank you and heartfelt wishes,

David Youtz, President, on Behalf of the Board of FCC of Greater New York

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