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10/17/2010 - USCIS fees will increase on many forms.

Effective November 23, 2010, USCIS fees for many forms will increase.  This will include an increase in the:


  • I-600 Orphan Petition and I-800 Hague Convention Petition to $720.
  • N-600/N-600K Applications for a Certificate of Citizenship (COC)  to $550 for a child by adoption ($600 for a biological child.)
If your child does not have a COC to prove his or her citizenship, there is no better time than now, before the increase, to do so.  Read the article, Why Your Foreign-Born Adopted Child Should Have Proof of U.S. Citizenship, How to Get This Proof and Related Issues written by C.J. Lyford (Attorney At Law practicing in the areas of Adoption, Immigration, Citizenship, and Visa law) from lyfordlaw.com

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