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Internet Resources for Adoption

The following list contains links to Internet sites that provide helpful information on both adoption in general and adoption from China. Updates, corrections, additions, and deletions should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General Adoption Resources

  • Adopt: Assistance, Information, Support. Useful information on topics including infertility, preadoption, and postadoption, and good links to other resources.
  • adopting.com. A wonderful site with a comprehensive listing of adoption resources on the Internet.
  • Adopting from Korea: A Prospective Parents Guide to Korean Adoption.
  • Adoption Advocates. A good summary of pending legislation.
  • AdoptioNetwork. A superbly done site with almost everything that you need to know about adopting and a great list of links to many other resources, including a wonderful collection of online documents by the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse.
  • Adoptive Families of America. Adoptive Families Magazine. Parent's Choice recommendation, leading national magazine for pre and post adoptive families. See website for sample contents and subscription information. See their great list of Classic Clip & Save articles.
  • The Adoptive Parents Association of British Columbia. Your Adoption Resource -- The Adoptive Parents Association of British Columbia has 20 years experience as a support group for adoptive families. #205, 15463 - 104th Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V3R 1N9. Tel: (604) 588-7300; Fax: (604) 588-1388.
  • AdoptShare Adoption community devoted to sharing stories, advice and experiences.
  • also-known-as is a support group of adult Korean adoptees.
  • Ametz Adoption Program(NYC) Ametz offers homestudies, post-placement supervision, educational workshops, support groups and counseling to couples, singles, children and extended family members before, during and after the adoption. Ametz works with persons of all faith and backgrounds. Programs specifically designed for Jewish families are offered throughout the year.
  • Balanced Life Transitions/Monica K. Ferkin, LLC Provides confidential Emotional Support and Stress Management guidance for prospective parents adopting from China; for those returning from China; as well as for those whose adoptive children have special needs.
  • Center for Adoption Support and Education Our site features publications that we sell frequently to members of FCC across the country, including our WISE UP! Powerbook, a resource for adopted children.
  • Child of My Dreams is a general adoption and infertility information site.
  • Comeunity: Adoption Support is a website with information on Vietnam and several categories of medical special needs, and other resources.
  • Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute CCAI generally works in collaboration with the Congressional Coalition on Adoption, which is a bicameral, bipartisan caucus, with more the 165 members of Congress to promote and improve adoption.
  • Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. A non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of information about adoption. Adoption research abstracts, conference proceedings, and white papers.
  • Faces of Adoption: America's Waiting Children. Lots of good information and links to other sites from the National Adoption Center and Children Awaiting Parents.
  • Families with Children from Vietnam. FCC's sister organization, with information (and pictures) relating to adoption from Vietnam.
  • Family Helper. Resources dealing with infertility, adoption, and postadoption, from the Canadian publisher of Adoption Helper magazine.
  • Helping Kids Cope Adoption Resources.
  • International Adoption Photolisting. A good list of pointers to other Internet sources of adoption information and photolistings.
  • International Concerns for Children, Inc. provides general background information about international adoptions.
  • Family Ties is a source for adoption information for adoptive families and adoption professionals.
  • Jewel Among Jewels Adoption Network, Inc. is an international organization that seeks to honor, educate, and encourage those touched by adoption. Online quarterly newsletter at http:www.adoptionjewels.org.
  • Joint Council on International Children's Services(JCICS) is the oldest and largest affiliation of licensed, nonprofit international adoption agencies in the world. JCICS membership also includes parent groups, advocacy organizations, and individuals who have an interest in intercountry adoption.
  • International Adoption Clinic is one of a very few medical clinics specializing in the problems of internationally adopted children. The group is headed by Dr. Dana Johnson who has published good scientific studies on the health of these children.
  • Korean American, Adoptee, Adoptive Family Network . Information for families that have adopted from Korea, some of which may be of interest to other adoptive parents.
  • Minnesota Children Youth and Family Consortium ADOPTINFO. An electronic, computer-accessible collection of information, research opinion, and policy documents related to issues facing adoptive families.
  • National Adoption Information Clearinghouse. This group has information on all aspects of adoption and will send information packets and conduct bibliographic searches.
  • PACT an Adoption Alliance. Pact's goal is to create and maintain the internet's most comprehensive site addressing issues for adopted children of color, offering informative articles on related topics as well as profiles of triad members and their families, links to other internet resources, and a book reference guide with a searchable database.
  • Parent Network for the Post Institutionalized Child A family based network to obtain information and promote research on problems faced by children raised in state institutions, primarily from Eastern Europe.
  • Toronto Immigration Lawyer - Ormston, Bellissimo, Rotenberg, is one of the largest full-service Canadian Immigration law firms, exclusively committed to immigration practice.
  • Rainbow Kids: An Online International Adoption Publication. A wonderful monthly online international adoption magazine.
  • Roots & Wings. Sample articles and subscription information from a quarterly adoption magazine.
  • Tapestry Books The catalog contains over 250 books on adoption and infertility for children and adults. Topics include how to adopt, international adoption, raising adopted children and more.
  • U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Website. Check here for the latest rules and fees information.

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China Adoption Resources

  • Business helping in the Paper Chase
  • Adele's Chinese/English Translation Service For Adoptive Parents. I do Chinese/English translations for companies and individuals. I have provided my translation service to FCC-San Antonio, FCC-Tampa Bay and adoptive parents in other states. I was born in China and Chineseis my native language. I have a B.A. from Foreign Affairs College in Beijing, China and a M.B.A. from Indiana University at South Bend, Indiana. If the members in your FCC group have Chinese/English translation needs, I will be very happy to assist them. Website: http://www.cqkids.com/TranslationServices.html email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Adoption Home Studies Find a home study provider in your state at: http://www.myhomestudy.org
  • babyreferral.com Translation services: You might have received or will soon receive a child referral from China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA). The referral document is your only source of information about the child. It includes the child's medical history and life routine at the orphanage. The document is written in Chinese and I can translate it to English for you as I have done for many families.
  • Chicago Dossier & Visa Courierand related services from a China Mom.
  • China-babies.com helping families along the path of adopting from China, by providing information, services, and support to families who are seeking information about adopting from China, or are already in the process.
  • China Visa Services – Chinese visa requirements for citizens of all countries in the world. Secure online application for visa to China for citizens and residents of the United States.
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will expedite the process by professionally assembling your dossier documents, in partnership with your agency, including but not limited to assistance with government and personal forms, obtaining birth, mariage, and divorce records, and obtaining certification and authentication.
  • Hao & Associates Chinese/English translation and culture training company. See our website at: http://www.chinabeacon.com/
  • Immigration attorneys: Sedna Law specializes in immigration law. Attorneys Jane Chiang and Christopher Lavery have united many families over the years. Our firm also has special knowledge of China and the Chinese culture. We can assist you with complex immigration issues that may arise in the course of adopting your child. Our goal is to help guide your family through the immigration process with our legal expertise and compassion. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 617-471-5800 for more information.
  • In Other Words Language Services can help you translate through the red tape during your adoption process. Our services include translation, interpretation, language instruction, cultural training, proofreading and editing, typesetting, voice-over, as well as cross-cultural marketing. Whether you need a letter translated, a second opinion on translated legal documents, or would like to learn a Chinese lullaby or two for your child, with our extensive experience in working with waiting parents and families, we can assist you in all your language needs. Contact Michael Su, our friendly Chinese Language Specialist, at 248.345.2487, e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or send your request to 25516 Lincoln Terrace Dr., Suite 304, Oak Park, MI 48237-1250. With our service, the only language you need to speak is the language of love. Mention this ad and receive a special rate exclusively for FCC members!
  • Lee's Authentication Service- Honored to assist you with dossier preparation and authentications for all countries. Legal services provided by affiliate attorney at extremely reasonable prices. Help with completing government forms for INS, passports, and assistance with Visas. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Lee-Translation English-to-Chinese and Chinese-to-English written translation service is free to parents adopting babies from China. Website: http://translation4parents.blogspot.com/.
  • Legal-Eaze. International Adoption Dossier Authentication Specialist assisting families with dossier preparation and authentication, courier to NYC Consulate, preparation of paperwork for readoptions, name changes, wills, and citizenship. Website is www.Legal-Eaze.com.
  • Journey of Love Dossier Service: full-service dossier preparation for all 50 states, including assistance with obtaining vital records, preparation of government forms and personal documents for the dossier, and all levels of certification and authentication. Also offers courier services for New York City and Long Island (including county level).
  • The Assistant Stork. Provides a variety of Dossier preparation services. Also, many good links to adoption information including a listing of current addresses for State Secretaries of State and Vital Records Departments.
  • Over the Rainbow Dossier Service. I am a three time adoptive mom from China. I have started my own dossier service My website is http://www.overtherainbowdossier.com/. I am also a member of the Ann Arbor Michigan Families With Children From China group.
  • Paperchasing We help families expedite their adoptions by providing courier service to the Texas Secretary of State. We have years of experience with document certification and the adoption process. We are also adoptive parents ourselves. Website is www.paperchasing.com.
  • Quality Language offers professional English-Chinese/Chinese-English translation and related services. We can provide accurate, affordable and timely translation of all documents required during the adoption process. Translations are carried out by teams of at least one native English speaker and one native Chinese speaker to ensure optimum results. Please feel free to contact us today for a free quote. Website: http://www.qualitylanguage.com, and our main e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Reyes Business Services. Helping adopting families with dossier compiliation, specializing in adoptions of children from China.
  • ssoTranslations offers Chinese-English and English-Chinese translation service for all kinds of documents at a reasonable price. I'm a native Chinese who writes and speaks near-native English, the perfect combination for CE/EC translations. No order is too small and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please visit my website http://ssotranslations.tripod.com or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.
  • Translation Creations offers special Chinese/English translation and interpretation rates for families adopting children from China. Our chinese/english translators are native English speakers who have translated for clients ranging from U.S. government intelligence agencies to private companies and individual customers. Do you feel like it might be helpful to have someone on your side who speaks the language? Visit us at http://www.translationcreations.com or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • TranslateChinese.org provides low cost translations by a recent graduate in Chinese studies.
  • Very Chinese Translation Service A Chinese translation company can help pernts to get translation of all adoption documents accurate and timely.
  • wintranslation.com, a translation company located in Canada. We provide translation services from Chinese into English and English into Chinese. We can help parents during the adoption process by providing accurate and timely translation of all documents required during the adoption process.
  • Additional China Adoption Resources
  • About Gaoyou : a website with my pictures and experiences and much more about the city of Gaoyou that I hope you could post a link to on your site so other families with children from Gaoyou can share it. It is at http://www.aboutgaoyou.com/
  • Adoption in China: Jiangxi Province. Provides information for those traveling to Nanchang for adoption and a place for adoptive families to exchange information.
  • AdoptionTravel.com. An online resource for international adoption travel planning, including travel articles and tips.
  • Asia for Kids. One of the best sources for books, dolls, and other materials relating to Asian cultures, including some dealing specifically with adoption.
  • The China Adoption Webring is a collection of related sites. These are mostly family story sites but some other links can be found on this ever growing resource
  • China Adoption China Adoption Resource guide, everything you need to know about adopting from China
  • China Connection. The national newsletter for China-adoptive families and adoption information. Features include: (1) Index (with contacts) of over 70 directories of China-adoptive families. That page is: http://www.chinaconnectiononline.com/dirslist.htm. 2) Listing and graphics (and contact) for set of vocabulary cards designed for China-adoptive travelers. That page is http://www.chinaconnectiononline.com/vocabcd.htm. 3)... and there are others, too.
  • Chinadopt: Adopting Children from China. Answers to frequently asked questions about China adoption.
  • China Life Books: a yahoo group dedicated to help and support parents making life books for Chinese adoptive parents:
  • ChineseNames Have an English name and want to translate it to Chinese? Or simply want to know what's the Chinese name for Mickey mouse? Chinesenames.org has the most comprehensive index of translations of English names, over 40,000! No matter want to find a Chinese name for yourself, your baby or your dog and cat, simply browse our Chinese name dictionary to get the English name translated into Chinese and download your Chinese name image written in Chinese symbol! You can use the image to do a tatoo or just learn how to write your name in Chinese character! All our Chinese name images are written in Kaiti style of Chinese calligraphy.
  • Coming Home. Links to information about China and China adoption, and pictures of baby Josefine; and the home of Great Kids, a home page for many personal stories and pictures, hosted by the Jeppesens.
  • Coalition for Asian American Children and Families is a New York City based organization supporting Asian American families.
  • The Directories List. This is a compilation of the contacts for directories and parents groups for different orphanages, cities, and provinces. Thanks to Bob Crawford for maintaining this list.
  • Capital Newsletters FCC Capital newsletters, 300K of newsletter articles from the FCC Capital newsletter, Forever Families.
  • Great Wall Adoption Agency has provided this page with much information useful to China Adopting families.
  • go...gotcha! China adoption information, books, shops and hundreds of China adoption website links. Find information on adoption, China adoption travel, adoption fundraising tips and ideas, ladybug shop, panda bear shop, China poster shop, bookstore, Chinese cooking tips, books and free recipes, and a page full of inspirational messages for adoption parents. You can even read our adoption journal from Guizhou Province.
  • Hengdong SWI It's a record of an adoptive father's journey back to China: to southern Hunan Province and the area where his youngest daughter had been abandoned, and as the first foreigner to visit her orphanage.
  • Mandarin & Cantonese Translation website. Includes links to other related Chinese language sites.
  • Mandarin flashcards online and printable: Free.
  • Lara Elisabeth McClure. Lisa McClure's diary of a China adoption, plus links to China adoption and language resources, and probably the most complete directory of links to personal China adoption stories and pictures.
  • Our Chinese Daughters Foundation www.ocdf.org OCDF PO Box 1243, Bloomington, IL 61702-1243 USA and 199 Chaoyangmennei, Richland Court Suite 105, Beijing, China 100010 Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Our Chinese Daughters Foundation www.ocdf.org OCDF China Tours www.ocdf.org/tours OCDF Institute www.ocdf.org/institute OCDF Adoption www.ocdf.org/adoption China for Children Magazine www.ocdf.org/magazine Volunteer China www.ocdf.org/volunteerchina China for Children Catalog www.ocdf.org/catalog OCDF egroup This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To subscribe: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • My Home Town. "A page for children adopted in China to learn about their home towns and home provinces." A work in process that should become a wonderful resource.
  • The Paper Chase, which is a good overview of the documents needed for a dossier and how they need to be filled out. Note that this site is an adoption agency site and the specific requirements for your agency may be different.
  • Patty Cogen Parenting I'm an adoptive parent of a Chinese daughter and also a child development specialist. Several of my articles are noted in "What We Wish We'd Read" on the FCC web site and two of my essays appear in Passage From The Heart: writings of FCC members. I now have a web site with many more articles and essays as well as other information about my consultation services for both pre-and post-adoption issues.
  • The Red Thread magazine is published quarterly and covers various aspects of China adoptions.
  • The U.S. State Department maintains a listing of phone numbers for the State Secretaries of State offices that can be contacted for information on authentication of documents.
  • PIAO a Spanish organization to assist with adoptions from China. Contact by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Sinoling.com ( http://www.sinoling.com/ ) provides a rich array of free Chinese language resources, bundled into a comprehensive, informative and engaging website.
  • Tai Li and Kai Mei Videotapes. Information on ordering two excellent videotapes about a mother's journey to China for her children.
  • The US Embassy in Beijing has a website that includes official announcements from the China Center for Adoption Affairs.

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Personal Adoption Stories and Pictures

Note that this is only a sampling of the available web sites. At last count over 70 have been found and more are added all the time.

www.internationaladoptionstories.com: A site for people to share personal stories, advice and information about international adoption.

http://www.chineseadoptionstories.com/: A site for recent stories about adoption from China.

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China Adoption Agencies

This is a partial list of agencies that have active programs for adoption in China. This list is given as a starting point for prospective parents, but inclusion on this list is not an endorsement. Some agencies accept families only from their area but many will accept prospective parents nationwide, check with the agency for specific information. Updates, corrections, additions, and deletions should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


These agencies offer both Non-Special Needs China adoptions and adoptions of Special Needs chilren:

These agencies offer Non-Special Needs China adoptions:

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