Thursday 30th of March 2017

Medical Resources in China

This is a list of clinics and hospitals in China where traveling parents *should* be able to find medical services including MDs or staff who speak english. A large thanks to Todd Ochs MD for compiling this listing.

Anhui Province

Hefei-  Anhui Provincial Hospital
No. 17 Lujiang Road
(VIP section for foreigners)
Hu Yunwen, MD

Hefei Children’s Hospital
Shan Hua, MD

Fujian Province

Fuzhou Lakeside Hotel-  Fujian Province Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Zhao Min Jun, MD, a pediatrician, who speaks English, will come to the

Gansu Province

Lanzhou-  Jin Yu, MD
Department of Pediatrics
First Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou Medical University

The Army Hospital, Lanzhou Military Command
International Red Cross Center in Northwest China
QI Li He

Guangdong Province

Guangzhou-  Number One Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical University

- International SOS Clinic
2/F, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of TCM
Da Tong Lu, Er Sha Island

-SOS Clinic at the White Swan Hotel
Hughes Francios, MD
Room 425
Western-trained, English-speaking MD

Honk Kong

International SOS Clinic
16/F World Trade Center
280 Gloucester Road
Causeway Bay
852-25289900 (alarm)

Guangxi Province

Gulin-  Li Xinhui, MD
Department of Pediatrics
Gulin District Hospital

Nanning- Number 303 Army Hospital
Professor Huang Li
First Hospital of the Guangxi Medical University
Tel. 0771-5352090 BP 96909-8197582

Guizhou Province

Guiyang-   The Affiliated Hospital, Guiyang Medical College
28 Guiyi Street
0851- 6855119

Hangzhou Province

Du Lizhong, MD,  Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang Medical University, 
310003, Hangzhou

Hebei Province

Guo Zhiliang, MD- Affiliated Hospital of Handan Medical School, 
Department of Pediatrics 056002 (86310)3092829

Shijiazhuan- Hebei Number One People’s Hospital
348 West Heping Street


International SOS Clinic
No. 1 North Road, Xing Fu San Cun
Chaoyang District
8610-64629117 (clinic)
8610-64629100 (alarm)

Henan Province

Sheng Guangyao, MD- First Hospital of Henan Medical Hospital, Department 
of Pediatrics 40053, Henan (86371)6913382

Zhengzhou- Professor Sheng Guanyao, President
First Hospital of Henan Medical University

Henan Provincial People’s Hospital
No. 7 Wei Wu Road

Hubei Province

Shangri-la Hotel or White Rose Hotel-  Wuhan City Children’s Hospital
Holiday Inn- Riverside- Tongji Hospital

Hunan Province

Hunan Children’s Hospital
BP. 127-5259097 Tel. 0731-5600965

Liu Zhiqun, born in the year of 1972, has gained Bachelor of Medicine
after a five-year study in the Clinical Medicine Department of Hunan
Medical University since 1990. Upon graduation he starts to work with
the Emergency Center of Hunan Children’s Hospital, concentrating on
emergency cases in the Department of Pediatrics. Now he has been the
physician-in-charge in the Emergency Center.

Inner Mongolia

Hohhor-  Inner Mongolia Autonomous Hospital
N0. 20 Zhao Wu Da Road

Baotou- Zhiang Jianmei, MD
Department of Pediatrics
General Hospital of Baotou Gantie Company

Jiangsu Province

Nanjing City-  Nanjing Children’s Hospital

AEA Nanjing Clinic
Nanjing Hilton Hotel
Zhong Shan Dong Lu
319 Hao Ground Floor


Shen Xiaoming, MD, 
Shanghai Children’s Medical Centre, 200092 (8621)65490328, (8621)62792951

Jiangxi Province

Nanchang- Zhao Jian, MD (speaks English)
No.1 Municipal Hospital, Nanchang, Jiangxi,PRC
Appointed Head of Dept.of Cardiology.Promoted as Chief
Doctor and Professor of Medicine.

Ningxia Autonomous Region

Yinchuan-  Yinchuan No. 1 Renmin Hospital
No. 2 Li Qun West Street
0591-6192067, 6192235

Shandong Province

Jinan-  Wang Yi, MD
Depatment of Pediatric Cardiology
Provincial Hospital

Wang Yali, MD, The Affiliated Hospital of the Weifang Medical College,
Department of Pediatrics

Shaanxi Province

Xi’an-  Xi Jing Hospital, affiliated with People’s Liberation Army 
Number Four Medical University
No. 17 West Changle Road
029-3375548 (foreigner service section)
029-3374114 (operator)

Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital
You Li Lu
029-525-1331 ext.2079 (pediatrics)
Jiao Fu Yong, MD (head of pediatrics dept.)

Sichuan Province

Chengdu-  Jinka Hospital, affiliated with tth Huaxi Medical University
No. 37 Guo Xue Xiang

Chongquing- Professor Chen Yuan
Children’s Hospital of Chong Qing Medical University
82623-63632756, ext, President’s Office

Zhejiang Province

Hangzhou-  Children’s Hospital

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