Monday 24th of April 2017

Changsha (HuaTian)

City: Changsha
Province: Hunan
Month/Year of Travel: May 2002
Travel Route in China: From Beijing to Changsha via Air
Name of Hotel: HuaTian
Comments about Hotel: We loved our stay at the HuaTian. Staff was friendly, courteous, and professional. The housekeeping staff was attentive, loved seeing the babies and practicing their English. The waitresses in the restaurant also made quite a fuss over all of the babies. The accommodations were excellent. Rooms were spacious, comfortable and clean (cleaned multiple times a day usually). Computer in office available for Internet access at a nominal fee. Laundry service was quick and reasonably priced. No problem making international phone calls using a prepaid rechargeable ATT phone card.
Office or Orphanage: Our daughter’s orphanage was Yongzhou which is roughly 6 hours away. We were not able to visit that one but did visit Changsha SWI and felt very welcomed by staff. The government offices in Changsha were efficient and handled our group of 12 families relatively quickly.
Sights to See in this city: 1.)Definitely Hunan Embroidery Museum. 2.)There is an elementary school a few buildings down from the hotel. Our guide was able to set up a tour. That was wonderful. 3.)Orange Park. 4.) Beautiful park on top of a mountain across the river in the university section– pretty views of the city on one side and the country on the other.
Baby supplies can be purchased at: The Friendship Store and The Apollo (both department stores). Good selection of clothes, diapers (Pampers included), wipes, formula (American and Chinese), and bottles.
Places to eat we liked: Most of the time we ate in the hotel. The food there is excellent. It is served family style and there were many selections for each meal. Breakfast is an excellent hot and cold, Chinese and Western buffet. We also ate at a wonderful restaurant in Old Changsha that was said to be Mao’s favorite. The food there was amazing also and it was interesting to walk through the streets of Old Changsha to get there.
Things you ought to know while staying here: If you are sending laundry out to be cleaned send it out here instead of waiting until Guangzhou. It is definitely cheaper. And enjoy yourself!

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