Monday 24th of April 2017

Hangzhou (Wanghu)

City: Hangzhou
Province: Zhejiang
Month/Year of Travel: Feb 1998
Travel Route in China: Hong Kong via China Southern airlines to Hangzhou; Flew from Hangzhou to Guangzhou
Name of Hotel: Wanghu
Comments about Hotel: 4 star hotel across the street from the government building where we received our child. Accepts credit cards, good inexpensive laundry services.
Office or Orphanage: YiWu Social Welfare Institute.
Sights to See in this city: Westlake, Tea farm; zoo (fairly primitive - can have picture taken with a live panda for a nominal fee) - don't bother to see the botanical garden.
Baby supplies can be purchased at: Local department store.
Places to eat we liked: Ate only in the hotel. Nice restaurant on the top floor of the hotel.
Things you ought to know while staying here: Crowds formed around to see the babies - people were friendly but it was good to have our daughter in a carrier on our back because people were a little too friendly at times.

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