Monday 24th of April 2017

Hangzhou (Shangri la)

City: Hangzhou
Province: Zhejiang
Month/Year of Travel: November 1999
Travel Route in China: China Airlines from New York ( JFK) via Taipei to Hong Kong. Hong Kong to Shanghai via Dragon Air. Shanghai to Hangzhou via train. Hangzhou to Guangzhou via air. Guangzhou to Hong Kong via air. Guangzhou to New York ( JFK) via Taipei. China Airlines has a great service: the only problem is if you get stuck in Taipei during the transfer your baby can't enter Taiwan.
Name of Hotel: Shangri la
Comments about Hotel: Fabulous Five Star Luxury Hotel with World Class Service, including English spoken everywhere. Located across the street on the famous West Lake. Beautiful setting and facilities. Several excellent restaurants, but expensive. A true destination hotel--made the visit very pleasant. We will return!
Office or Orphanage: Lishui ( located six hours by train from Hangzhou)
Sights to See in this city: West lake and surrounding gardens, temples and bridges. Take a great boat ride on the Lake. Tomb of General Yue Yan . Tea Plantation, where they grow "Dragon Well " tea, the finest in China
Baby supplies can be purchased at: At several local, well stocked department stores. We bought beautiful baby clothes made for export --French branded-- very inexpensively.
Places to eat we liked: Shangri la Hotel, Lio Lio ( sp?) Restaurant on the Lake--try Beggar's Chicken, other local restaurants recommended by our guide, Billy Yu.
Things you ought to know while staying here: Hangzhou is the honeymoon capital of China and receives 20 million internal visitors a year. You have hit the jackpot ! It is beautiful and if you plan right, you can enjoy a mini-vacation! People will be curious as they are visiting from other parts of China and may not have seen many westerners with Chinese children. Uniformly, they ask," who are you , where is the baby from, and where are you going?" When told, they uniformly say, " Lucky Baby! " If you let the waitresses hold your baby, you are guaranteed a great time and many smiles!

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