Monday 24th of April 2017

Meizhou (River View Hotel)

City: Meizhou
Province: Guangdong
Month/Year of Travel: July 1999
Travel Route in China: San Francisco to Tokyo to Beijing, Beijing to Guangzhou, Guangzhou to Meizhou.
Name of Hotel: River View Hotel (Wang Jiang Lou)
Comments about Hotel: Charming, very Chinese (few hotel employees spoke English). Rooms were smallish, but well-equipped with newer furniture. Excellent restaurant.
Office or Orphanage: Meizhou Welfare Home
Sights to See in this city: We didn't get a chance tour.
Baby supplies can be purchased at: Any of nearby stores on streets.
Places to eat we liked: River View Hotel Restaurant
Things you ought to know while staying here: Expect check-out to take a long time.

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