Monday 24th of April 2017

Nanning (Mingyuan Xindu Hotel)

City: Nanning
Province: Guangxi
Month/Year of Travel: May 1998
Travel Route in China: Flew to Hong Kong where we had orientation with Holt staff, then China Southern to Nanning and China Southern to Guangzhou
Name of Hotel: Majestic Hotel (aka Mingyuan Xindu Hotel)
Comments about Hotel: This hotel is superb! It's a 5 star hotel located in the app. center portion of Nanning. The staff is fabulous--they just love the children to pieces and really go all out to accommodate adoptive families. Many speak English, some don't. The rooms are large with a sitting area, a mini-fridge, and a place to make coffee, etc.. Bathrooms are spacious. The rooms were always very well-cleaned daily. We truly enjoyed our stay.
Office or Orphanage: Guangxi Hong Kong Mothers Love Orphanage
Sights to See in this city: Our Holt permanent party Nanning staff took us to a place to buy souvenirs--I should have purchased more than I did...Green Mountain Park--absolutely lovely, a village, and to an outdoor history park.
Baby supplies can be purchased at: Any one of a couple of department stores in Nanning.. We were taken to one for a couple hours of shopping...
Places to eat we liked: IN the Majestic, the Garden Restaurant has a fabulous buffet breakfast...Chinese and Western items--fresh fruit (watermelon juice, when in season, is delicious), cereals, meats, cheeses, steamed buns, congee, dim sum, etc. We at there most of the time. The Cantonese Restaurant is very good too. Next door directly to the Majestic is Food Street and this is marvelous--you go to any one of a number (there seemed to be hundreds almost!!) of booths and can order several food items. Your card is stamped as you go from booth-to-booth ordering and then the servers take your card, obtain your items, and bring them to your table. Very reasonably priced. Also, a bit down the street from the Majestic, maybe a couple blocks, is a delicious Korean BBQ restaurant where you can grill beef, chicken, etc. on hibachi's right at your table. There's a western-style salad bar, too.
Things you ought to know while staying here: Do know that you'll receive fabulous service from the staff. The hotel is lovely..restaurants are great...I understand they've added a gift shop since we've been there. We really felt at home.

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