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Nanning (Mingyuan Xindu Hotel)

City: Nanning
Province: Guangxi
Month/Year of Travel: March/April 2006
Travel Route in China: Beijing, Nanning, Guangzhou
Name of Hotel: Majestic Hotel (aka Mingyuan Xindu Hotel)
Comments about Hotel: The Majestic Hotel (aka Minyuan Xindu Hotel) located at No.38 Xinmin Road, Nanning, Guangxi, phone:011-86-771-2118988 is a nice hotel. Most of the lobby staff and gift shop staff speak pretty good English. There is a business office with Internet access, but the connection is pretty slow. The gift shop on the main floor (just past the business office) is very convenient and the prices are about the same as Wal-Mart. The store for pearls, paintings, etc. on the main floor is very nice. The prices for scroll paintings were about the same as in Guangzhou and the shopping environment and staff were much nicer here than in Guangzhou. They will give you a 10-15% discount on scroll paintings if you ask for it. I am glad we bought several there, as I did not see many in Guangzhou that I liked as much. If it is a transitional season for air conditioning, such as late March when we were at the Majestic Hotel and your AC does not seem to be cooling your room, you may have to contact the Assistant Manager to have it turned on for your room. Apparently, the controls are room by room and have to be authorized by the Assistant Manager. Your room AC control, while it looks like it controls temperature, really only controls whether the fan is on or not. The breakfast buffet at the Majestic is good and was included in our hotel fees that we paid to our agency. There are a lot of different fruits and two varieties of congee (rice porridge) and also cheerio-like cereal for babies. Also, since so many adoptive families stay at this hotel, there are lots of babies in the restaurant, so don’t worry about yours being noisy or disruptive…the breakfasts are rather boisterous there. The hotel pools are outdoor and unheated. The water was too cold for both me and our new daughter in late March/early April, but there were lots of Chinese people swimming. There is a small children’s pool, but the water is about 2-3 feet deep in it; it is not a wadding pool. You can rent a stroller from the hotel for about 10 yuan per day which is just slightly more than $1/day. We did this in Nanning and then borrowed a stroller from Jennifer’s shop in Guangzhou which was complimentary. The hotel laundry is kind of expensive, but our guide arranged outside laundry for us at much more reasonable rates. There is a restaurant on the grounds of the hotel, just to the right of the main building that has doors on both the main street and on the hotel parking area that is very good for adoptive parents. You order based on pictures and English descriptions posted on the wall. The food is very inexpensive, some of the staff speak a little English, and you can get take-out (good for taking back to your room when you have a baby grieving her foster family.) The guides call it the “restaurant street” or the “long restaurant” because it is very long and narrow and all the food selection pictures are on the long wall.
Office or Orphanage: Nanning SWI, we actually received our daughter at the Civil Affairs Bureau, but got to visit the grounds of the Nanning SWI when our guide arranged for us to meet the foster parents there later in the week.
Sights to See in this city: People’s Park (just behind the Majestic Hotel, large lake with Koi and pretty gardens), Nanning Zoo (northern part of city, had a very good dolphin/seal show that was included in the price of admission), Guangxi Provincial Museum (not a lot for kids), Qingxiu Mountain Park (just outside of Nanning, pretty landscape and interesting Buddhist temple)
Baby supplies can be purchased at: The shop in the Majestic Hotel which is open until 9:00 pm and has a very good supply of baby necessities such as diapers, wipes, bottles, jar baby food, dry cereal, some clothes, toddler toys, etc. The Nanning Wal-Mart is very well-stocked and has many brands of diapers, wipes, and formula available.
Places to eat we liked: Restaurant just next to Majestic Hotel (actually on hotel grounds) that I described above under “Comments about Hotel”. The restaurants in the main hotel building are more expensive.
Things you ought to know while staying here: There is a Kodak photo store just across the road from the Majestic (look for the large yellow and red KODAK signs). They develop the disposable camera that you sent to the orphanage with your care package. It takes about 3-4 hours and they will ask in broken English if you want single or double prints. We accomplished dropping off the camera and picking up the prints without needing our guides help. There is a pharmacy just next to the KODAK store, on the right as you are looking at the store. You can get adult cold medicine there. It is a western brand, Tylenol or Bayer, but they do not speak much English. Our guide took us the first time to explain what we needed and the second time we could buy it on our own. There is also some kind of cold medicine available in the Majestic gift shop. Obviously, we wish had brought more Dayquil liquid-tabs with us. The admission to the People’s Park just behind the hotel is 2 yuan (25 cents) per adult. I think kids are free. The park is very nice and a great place to go walking with your baby in a hip hammock or sling. A stroller works, but there a few sets of 2-4 stairs that you will need to negotiate.

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