Monday 24th of April 2017

Wuxi (Holiday Inn Milido Hotel)

City: Wuxi
Province: Jianjsu
Month/Year of Travel: November 1998
Travel Route in China: Guangzhou - Beijing - Nanjing - Wuxi -Shanghai - Guangzhou
Name of Hotel: Holiday Inn Milido Hotel
Comments about Hotel: This Hotel while not spectacular, was clean, comfortable, and very quiet. The employees there were very friendly, accommodating and spoke English as well. We were most pleased with our accommodations there.
Office or Orphanage: Wuxi Social Welfare Home
Sights to See in this city: Li Garden, Lake Taihu, (toured this lake on a boat that my husband joking referred to as the "African Queen") Huishan Clay Figurine Factory, Huishan Temple (once a Buddhist monastery) also there is a jeux blackjack en ligne great silk factory and a pearl factory in Wuxi to shop at as well.
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Places to eat we liked: We ate most of our meals at the lovely restaurant that was on the first floor of the hotel. This is the same restaurant that you eat your Western breakfasts at as well. This restaurant has both Chinese and Western food, reasonably priced, and very tasty, too.
Things you ought to know while staying here: The Holiday Inn is just a short distance from The Grand Canal (great for taking walks) which is accessible without having to cross the street.

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